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Why Wellbeing?

Midland. An Inclusive Community.

Together. Forward. Bold. An Exceptional Place Where Everyone Thrives.

Who We Are

The Midland Area Wellbeing Coalition is a group of over 120 members of the Midland Community who are working to help Midland achieve its vision: Together. Forward. Bold. An exceptional place where everyone thrives.

Our coalition’s specific vision is that Midland is a healthy community where everyone belongs, feels safe, and thrives. All stakeholders invest in creating wellbeing and work together to become a recognized community where all citizens are flourishing in measurable and visible ways. This legacy of caring has been passed down to us and we commit to carrying it forward.

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How Wellbeing Benefits Everyone

When we share a common language, we create connectivity to our work and wellbeing at all levels: individual, organizational, and community. The collective sum of our work is far more impactful than our individual work. Our plan is to connect all wellbeing initiatives and programs with a shared “hub” model. As all initiatives, workplaces, and groups align to a “hub”, we work to sustain wellbeing across all sectors of the community.
Midland Area Wellbeing Coalition - Team members

Midland Area Wellbeing Coalition

The Midland Area Wellbeing Coalition is supported by the Community Success Panel. The coordinator is Kathy Snyder and the leadership team consists of Maureen Donker (Midland Mayor & Councilman Ward 2), Bridgette Gransden (Administrator/Controller for the County of Midland) , Holly Miller (Executive Director of United Way of Midland County), Sharon Mortensen (Executive Director of Midland Area Community Foundation), and Beverlee Wenzel (Executive Director of The ROCK Center for Youth Development).

Email: if you are interested in joining the coalition.

We are stronger together!

Midland Area Wellbeing Coalition - Why Wellbeing?

What is Wellbeing?

“Wellbeing is your ability to feel good and function effectively!”

Professor Felicia Huppert


Martin Seligman and others found that the PERMAH framework is an easy way for people to understand, measure, and take action around the well-established, evidence-based elements of wellbeing.

PERMAH - Midland Area Wellbeing Coalition



Caring For Our People


Building Our Livelihood


Developing Our Talent


Enriching Our Community

Latest Wellbeing Life Hacks

Wellbeing Life Hacks are simple evidence-based ways to build wellbeing and are accessible to everyone! Built around a wellbeing model of PERMAH, each Wellbeing Life Hack will build a different component of wellbeing: Positive Emotions, Engagement, Relationships, Meaning, Accomplishment, and Health.

Wellbeing Together

Learn how improving your personal wellbeing has a ripple effect to our families, friends, workplaces, and communities.
Midland Area Wellbeing Coalition - Group Photo