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The Wellbeing Coalition envisions a healthy community where everyone belongs, feels safe and is valued. Where all stakehold-ers invest in creating wellbeing and work together to become a recognized community where all flourish in a measurable and visible way. We utilize PERMAH, a model of wellbeing mainly developed by Dr. Martin Seligman, founder of Positive Psychology. It consists of six pillars: Positive Emotion, Engagement, Relationships, Meaning, Achievement and Health (PERMAH).

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We are offering exclusive partnerships to organizations who are making employee wellbeing a priority. Each partnership is customizable and offers key learnings, trainings and programs to your team throughout the year. In addition, membership includes weekly emails, tip sheets, a wellbeing toolkit and opportunities to engage in community wellbeing trainings and events. A wellbeing workplace survey can also be included.

Pricing Structure For Organizations

*Pricing and services can be customized to meet your specific organization’s needs. Tier updates are available at any time.


40 Hours Per Year
$ 5,000 Per Year


60 Hours Per Year
$ 7,000 Per Year


80 Hours Per Year
$ 10,000 Per Year

Workplace Options To Meet Your Needs


Presentations & Workshops

Wellbeing Surveys

Potential Topics & Opportunities

Wellbeing Stats

Employee wellbeing is a critical ingredient for organizational success. We work together to create and support wellbeing and positive culture at the individual, team, and organization levels.

1 X
More Likely To Feel Engaged
1 %
More Likely To Be Productive
1 %
More Likely To Be Satisfied In Their Jobs
1 %
Less Likely To Experience Sick Days
1 %
Less Likely To Burn Out
1 %
Less Likely To Quit
1 %
Fewer Safety Incidents
1 %
Lower Absenteeism
1 %
Lower Turnover
1 X
More Likely To Be Seen As Creative & Innovative
1 %
Higher Customer Ratings
1 %
Higher Over Average Shareholder Return

Kathy Snyder serves as the Midland Area Wellbeing Coalition Coordinator in cooperation with the Community Success Panel. In addition to extensive experience in education, she holds a master’s degree in counseling and applied positive psychology and is a co-creator and teacher of the Certificate in Creating Wellbeing. She will coordinate all offerings. 

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Midland Area Wellbeing Coalition - Midland, MI - team member

Latest Wellbeing Life Hacks

Wellbeing Life Hacks are simple evidence-based ways to build wellbeing and are accessible to everyone! Built around a wellbeing model of PERMAH, each Wellbeing Life Hack will build a different component of wellbeing: Positive Emotions, Engagement, Relationships, Meaning, Accomplishment, and Health.

Life Hack #72: Start Early

Did you know the first decision you make in the morning can set the tone for your whole day? How much difference could waking up a bit earlier make for your wellbeing?

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Wellbeing Together

Learn how improving your personal wellbeing has a ripple effect to our families, friends, workplaces, and communities.
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