Wellbeing Life Hacks

Wellbeing Life Hacks are simple evidence-based ways to build wellbeing and are accessible to everyone! Built around a wellbeing model of PERMAH, each Wellbeing Life Hack will build a different component of wellbeing: Positive Emotions, Engagement, Relationships, Meaning, Accomplishment, and Health.

Designed with a variety of learning styles in mind, they are designed to introduce a skill in 2 minutes. They can be learned anywhere – at home, with family, on a commute, in common workspaces, in a meeting, through everyday conversation, just about anywhere!

Life Hack #13: Assume Positive Intent

When we don’t know the motives or intentions of others, our brains tend to create negative stories. It takes work to assume positive intent, but research shows it can be helpful to us both personally and socially.

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Life Hack #10: 5 Minute Favor

The 5 Minute Favor is intentionally taking 5 minutes out of your day to do something that will benefit someone else. Building this as a daily habit is a simple and effective way to build relationships and to help others.

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Life Hack #9: Mindful at Mealtime

Pay attention to what you’re eating, The result is a richer awareness of how your food choices make you feel – both physically and mentally, ultimately enhancing your overall wellbeing.

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Life Hack #8: Awe Walk

Adopt curiosity like a child as you embrace the wonders of nature by taking an “awe walk”! In whatever way works for you, carve out time to intentionally engage with nature, simply for the purpose of being in awe.

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