Wellbeing Life Hacks

Wellbeing Life Hacks are simple evidence-based ways to build wellbeing and are accessible to everyone! Built around a wellbeing model of PERMAH, each Wellbeing Life Hack will build a different component of wellbeing: Positive Emotions, Engagement, Relationships, Meaning, Accomplishment, and Health.

Designed with a variety of learning styles in mind, they are designed to introduce a skill in 2 minutes. They can be learned anywhere – at home, with family, on a commute, in common workspaces, in a meeting, through everyday conversation, just about anywhere!

Life Hack #19: Yet

One of the best mental attitudes we can adopt is being open to learning and growth. Our brain truly is like a muscle, it grows and it changes whenever we work to learn something new.

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Life Hack #17: Mindful Moments

How often during the day do you tune into what your body is telling you? Mindful movement is a powerful way to get benefits of mindfulness, savoring, and emotional regulation all in one!

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