Journey Toward Wellbeing Workshop

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Don’t Struggle Alone!

A February 2022 interview hosted by Sarah Kile from 211 of Northeast Michigan with Dr. Matt Samocki and Kathy Snyder

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Journey Toward Wellbeing Workshop

Learn how improving your personal wellbeing has a ripple effect to families, friends, workplaces, and communities. Join this fun, FREE, and informative workshop to strengthen your personal Journey Toward Wellbeing! Invite your friends, families, and co-workers! Workshops are offered monthly at various times. At this time, all workshops will be an hour in length and will take place on Zoom.

What is Wellbeing?

And why does it matter?

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Learn how improving your personal wellbeing has a ripple effect to our families, friends, workplaces, and communities.

The Midland Area Wellbeing Coalition

is a group of over 120 members of the Midland Community who are working to help Midland achieve its vision: Together. Forward. Bold. An exceptional place where everyone thrives.